Charles Liu

Charles Liu (Everbright Solar, Inc.)

#SolarMOOC Lecture: Custom Solar PV Modules and Operation – Thursday January 03, 2013

Charles Haiyun Liu founded Fremont, CA based Everbright Solar, Inc. nearly six years ago as a silicon materials, wafer and solar cells supply chain company.  At the beginning of 2008, he started to build a silicon ingot slicing factory with a couple of partners in Wuxi, China, and was able to advance from a simple factory floor to a fully operational ingot slicing facility in three months. For the past few years he has focused on custom solar panel research, development and manufacturing in Everbright’s facility in Fremont, California. His company has sold solar products to over 25,000 customers worldwide since 2007. Through his direct involvement in the company operations, he has visited multiple factories and become familiarized with all levels of the crystalline solar manufacturing value chain, ranging from silicon production, ingot growth, wafer slicing, solar cell production, and PV module production. Last year his company also started to install grid tied PV systems, and are building a nation wide solar installer network.

Charles Liu has been invited to be the visiting faculty at Georgia Institute of Technology for Spring 2013, in Georgia Tech Research Corporation’s PV Systems group. Prior to founding of his solar company, Charles Haiyun Liu held database, business intelligence, and IT management positions at Silicon Valley technology companies such as Informatica and Stratify. His successful transition into a solar entrepreneur was mainly due to a lucky call from someone who was looking for silicon in 2007. He went to Deep Springs College in the California desert for two years, and completed his BS degree in Computer Information Systems at San Francisco State University.

Watch Charles Liu’s lecture here:

Custom Solar PV Modules and Operation 



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