Charging Optimization and AC Coupling

#SolarMOOC Lesson with Ryan Light

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The #SolarMOOC lecture presented by Ryan Light on Thursday March 7th was awesome- Ryan really knows how these systems and their components work! Some things that were discussed include…

  • Differences between Grid Interactive, Grid Tied with battery back up, and Off grid AC Coupled Systems
  • How to maximize the monetary value of your PV system energy by balancing/programming setpoints to match your or your customers energy usage and utility rate structure
  • How to make your XANTREX XW or Outback RADIAN AC Coupled system work for you, including tips on how to set it up so that it works as one beautiful balanced unit rather than giving you error messages that send you screaming
  • Professional tips on ways to avoid the usual headaches that may come with installing AC Coupled systems- like ordering a “power center” that comes pre-wired from the factory to save installers some valuable time.
  • Much much more!

#SolarMOOC Assignments and Readings:

Assignment: Please visit the #SolarMOOC Academy Forum and share your thoughts and questions on this topic:  Charging Optimization in AC Coupled PV Systems.


AC Coupling #SolarMOOC from 12/06/12: The Newsletter page from the first #SolarMOOC presentation on AC Coupling by Alan Santos-Buch from Magnum Energy. In this Newsletter you will find MANY LINKS on AC Coupling including several valuable links such as :

AC Coupling article-compiled by Joe Schwartz, from SolarPro August/September 2012

AC Coupling In Renewable Energy Systems- from Outback

Don’t miss the most recent SolarPRo article with information regarding AC Coupled Systems:
Power Conditioning Equipment for Residential Battery Back-Up PV Systems from the Feb/March 2013 issue

Xantrex XW Operation Manual –
Those preparing to take the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Exam may find this type of information very valuable- as the industry moves forward with new technologies like AC Coupling, PV Installers will be expected to understand how they operate.

This manual will help to clarify questions regarding how these units actually work and what they are capable of. Section 3 is Configuration- this is where you will find fresh information and guidance on how to configure the equipment to get it to do all the magical things it can do.

AC Coupling

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