1. Key Concept Review for NABCEP PV Exams

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    Key Concept Review for NABCEP PV Exams #SolarMOOC Lecture for April 10th, 2014 Presented by: Sarah Raymer, Director of Education and Training at SolPowerPeople, NABCEP PV Installation Professional #042013-107   Lecture Video: Lecture Slides: Resources The slides above are accessible through the SolPowerPeople Slideshare account. If you are looking for assistance studying- please take...
  2. OnGrid: Core Solar Concepts for a Smart Proposal

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    OnGrid: Core Solar Concepts for a Smart Proposal Guest Lecturer: Michael Bishop On Thursday March 13th, 2014, Michael Bishop, COO at OnGrid Solar, shared a presentation in which he reviewed some basic concepts necessary for generating winning solar sales proposals. Some things that were reviewed were annual net metering, electric...
  3. SML: Grounding PV Systems in 2014 with Ryan Mayfield

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    Grounding PV Systems in 2014 Guest Lecturer: Ryan Mayfield On February 13th 2014, Ryan Mayfield, owner at Renewable Energy Associates, solar PV expert, author and educator, shared an incredible #SolarMOOC lecture on grounding and bonding of PV systems.  Ryan provides a down to earth perspective that offers a more easily digestible perspective of code...
  4. South Africa Solar Potential & Market Exploration

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    South Africa: Solar Growth Potential & Market Possibilities This  special edition #SolarMOOC explored South Africa solar potential in a shared presentation and discussion between solar experts David Lipschitz, Sean White and Richard Stovall.  Some topics that were covered include:   Solar potential in South Africa – solar resource data Solar...
  5. NEC2014 Article 690

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    #SolarMOOC Newsletter: NEC2014 Article 690 Review of New Requirements This #SolarMOOC Newsletter includes: Lecture Video Resource Links 50% discount for Holt products Upcoming Training Announcements On Thursday January 9th, we welcomed Mike Holt, Electrical Code Expert and professional educator trainer to present a lecture on New Requirements in the NEC2014...

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