AC Coupling in PV Systems

How to Utilize Grid Tied PV Panels During a Utility Power Outage

Live #SolarMOOC Interactive Lecture on Thursday, November 15th @ 6PM CDT

On Thursday November 15th at 6PM CDT, SolPowerPeople welcomes Alan Santos-Buch of Magnum Energy, Inc. to present a lecture on AC Coupling technology and applications. This session will focus on how to add battery back-up to an existing grid tied installation, allowing solar energy to be collected and used even during a utility power outage.

Thursday November 15th, 2012 4PM Pacific, 6PM Central, 7PM Eastern)

Magnum Line Diagram

During a utility power outage, most PV system owners are left without power, despite the fact that they have the potential ability to harvest solid streaming energy from the sun. AC Coupling offers an efficient and relatively easily installed solution to this problem that allows the solar customer to continue operating electrically, without interruption.

(Please click on the image above for a larger version of an AC Coupled system line diagram.)

AC coupling design makes it possible to alter a standard grid-tied PV installation to include a storage method that will allow operation through a sub-panel during a utility outage.  Not only does the AC coupled PV system continue to power loads and charge the battery bank, but it does so at a very high efficiency.  With a traditional DC coupled PV Design with a battery back-up, a fair amount of energy would be lost in the inversion process.

Solar customers now have the ability to be grid-connected and have efficiently harvested energy when the grid goes down- all with a slight modification to their already installed system.

SolPowerPeople welcomes Magnum Inverter technical specialist Alan Santos-Buch on Thursday, November 15th to present a one-hour lecture on “AC Coupling in PV Systems”. The lecture will be followed by Q & A, and attendees are encouraged to participate.

Since July 2011, Alan has worked with Magnum Energy Inc. as a Technical Sales, Training, and Support specialist.  He is also currently a managing partner at Solar Fit, LLC, and formerly worked with Apollo Solar, Inc. as national sales director.

As a #SolarMOOC participant, you will receive an invite to this webinar.

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