AC Coupling in PV Systems w/ Alan Santos-Buch

Utilizing Grid Tied PV Panelse During a Utility Power Outage

AC Coupling Presentation (PDF)

AC Coupling

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Thursday December 6th, 2012:
Alan Santos-Buch’s lecture on AC Coupling was extremely informative and educating, and the chat session / Q&A were really alive with activity.  Here are a few questions from participants:

Will it be suitable for an inductive load?

What’s absorbtion voltage?

Does the grid charge the batteries during non-outage?

Can this equipment except a wind turbine input?

Can you combine a wind turbine or hydro in the system as a back-up?

Alan answered all these questions and more, reviewed the Wire Diagram, and gave the audience a great introduction to AC Coupling during the lecture.  Watch the lecture video above to get the answers to the above questions and others.

Contact Alan Santos-Buch if you have more questions, whether they are inspired by the #SolarMOOC lecture, your curiosity about AC Coupling, or Magnum Energy via phone at: 425-353-8833 ext 111, or through e-mail-

International Representative at magnum is Kelly Lane:, for those of you who attended and were interested in distribution outside the US.  

AC Coupling

#SolarMOOC Reading Assignments:

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AC Coupling Information from Magnum–  information on the benefits of using a battery based inverter in an AC Coupling configuration.

AC Coupling In Renewable Energy Systems– from Outback

AC Coupling– Converting your Grid Tied PV System into a High Efficiency Battery Backup System- from Northwind Renewable Energy in Wisconsin

AC Mini-Grids The Future of Community-Scale Renewable Energy – HomePower #109, 2005

AC Coupling articlecompiled by Joe Schwartz, from SolarPro August/Spetember 2012

SMA Sunny Island AC Coupling

    AC Coupling

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