AC Coupling in Solar PV Systems

Alan Santos-Buch’s slides
AC Coupling

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Thursday we had some technical issues and we were not able to conduct our webinar with Alan Santos-Buch on Ac Coupling.  Yes, this is dissapointing… but the good news is not only have we rescheduled this lecture for December 6th, we also have an incredible line-up being set up for the holidays! Check it out…

By the way- if you register for a webinar – the password to join is always 9999!!

Upcoming #SolarMOOC Schedule

11/22/12: Break for Thanksgiving- Happy Holidays!

11/29/12: Off Grid Solar Trailer Design: How to Build a Mobile Solar Power Supply with Rene Geneva of Rene Geneva Design and Texas Indie Solar.  Rene will show us how to construct a small portable trailer that houses an off-grid solar PV system- making it possible to light up the night anywhere, anytime. Register here

 12/6/12: AC Coupling in PV Systems: Utilizing Grid Tied PV Panels During a Utility Power Outage with Alan Santos-Buch from Magnum. Details can be found here– but note this is the press release with the previous date, and the webinar has been rescheduled.Register here

12/20/12: DC Microgrid Systems with Sol Haroon. Details TBA. Register Here

12/27/12: Happy Holidays! No Lecture

12/13/12: PV Mounting Methods and Acceptance Criteria 428 with Jean Arya from UNIRAC. Details TBD. Register here

01/03/12: Custom PV Modules and Operation with Charles Liu from PowerFilm Solar: Discover how innovative versatile design powers possibility. Register here

More on AC Coupling to get you warmed up for December 6th:


AC Coupling

#SolarMOOC Reading Assignments:

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AC Coupling Information from Magnum–  information on the benefits of using a battery based inverter in an AC Coupling configuration.

AC Coupling In Renewable Energy Systems- from Outback

AC Coupling– Converting your Grid Tied PV System into a High Efficiency Battery Backup System- from Northwind Renewable Energy in Wisconsin

AC Mini-Grids The Future of Community-Scale Renewable Energy – HomePower #109, 2005

AC Coupling article compiled by Joe Schwartz, from SolarPro August/Spetember 2012


SMA Sunny Island AC Coupling



AC Coupling

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