Grid Interactive Systems

A New Strength in Grid Interactive Systems

Solutions to Real World Issues Facing Solar

Live Monday June 18th at 6PM CDT

There’s a new buzz word in solar: “grid interactive system“. First keyed by Fronius AG as a new system design that uses fuel cells and hydrolysis, it is defined simply as a system that is connected to the utility grid and has back up energy storage, but it’s far more than that.

A “grid interactive system” attempts through smart design to not only provide energy when it is needed but to offer solutions to real world issues facing solar: land use for large scale systems, power losses due to transport of energy, peak demand complication, weather or sun hour limitations, and of course financial concerns.

During Monday night’s webinar (6/18 at 6pm CDT), Dr. Jeffery Lee Johnson will define grid interactive systems and how they are different from stand-alone or even grid-tied systems with battery banks.  He will discuss design issues, options for adding grid-interactive storage and will offer a case study to illustrate these concepts. Dr. Johnson will leave us with a sneak peak introduction to current innovations and some possibilities for the future of this technological development.

SolPowerPeople is proud to present Dr. Jeffery Lee Johnson of TodoSolar in Mexico on Monday June 18th – coming to us live to teach about the wonders of another brilliant possibility in solar.

If you would like to join other solar industry experts and share your solar knowledge with the hundreds of participants from over 40 countries around the world, click on the button below and join the #SolarMOOC Movement today!

Grid Interactive Systems

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