De-Mystifying the 2011 NEC for PV Installers (Part 1)

How best to utilize the ultimate exam resource

Knowing how to navigate the 2011 NEC from front to back and being familiar with it’s language is a critical skill for those preparing to take the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Exam, and for good reason. NABCEP structures the test to ensure that PV installers can demonstrate that they are capable of adapting to different challenges posed in the “real-world” of PV system design and installation.

In the first of two lectures on how to best navigate the 2011 NEC for the NABCEP Professional PV Installer Exam, Cathy Redson goes over the importance of definitions, begins to cover the changes from the 2008 NEC, and gives tips/advice on where to concentrate your studies.



Register here for Part 2 of this lecture (live on Thursday, March 21st, 6pm Central)

2011 NEC


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